Wednesday - Sep. 7th 2022

Sleepy Hollow Hotel

Wednesday - Sep. 7th 2022

11:00 AM to 5:30 PM

Sleepy Hollow Hotel

455 S Broadway, Tarrytown, NY

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Empowering your Career by Empowering yourself

Wednesday, September 7 – will be a day of growth, inspiration, and meaningful connections in the comfort of the Sleepy Hollow Hotel.

Together with a select group of top tier business leaders and sales experts, you'll learn effective sales methods, how to motivate yourself and your prospective clients, and how to empower yourself and your career.

Energize your sales career and ambitiously take it to the next level.

Nesanel Gantz

Host of the Ami LunchBreak


Hall of Fame Speaker, Author of "the Best Damn sales book ever"

A Salesperson VS An Expert/Advisor

Menachem Hoffman

CEO Ptex


From Aircrafts & Diamonds to Needles & Toys - He has sold them all!

6 Tips on selling anything to anyone. B2B, B2C, B2G in an Erliche way

Eli Goldring

Sales Executive at Culinary Depot

How to grow your sales [team] by delegating


Partner and Director at Imperial Real Estate Agency

How to be consistent at your income in an idustry that's so dependent on the market?

Conducted By:

Menachem Hoffman

CEO Ptex Group

Conducted By:

Menachem Hoffman

CEO Ptex Group

Lavish Lunch

Gourmet Food | Delicious Dishes

+ All-Day Coffee Station

Conferences are not only about speeches and lectures anymore. Building long-lasting relationships and networking with real people is the key to a successful day. This years Sales Seminar will put this notion into progress.

Networking Circles

The Success Corridor – Here you will find likeminded individuals who have already walked the walk and are willing to share their proven strategies, tips, and techniques.

Ignite interest. Form relationships.


CEO Compass

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